However large or small an event, storage is always an issue. If you have a small rental business, are in the hospitality industry, or even need storage for chairs and tables used for your church congregation, consider McCourt Manufacturing. For any of our products used at an event, we have the storage you need. Whether you are storing tables or chairs, in small stock or large, McCourt has carts to help streamline your process.


We have various carts to make set-up and tear-down easier. We offer the: Event Trux Table Truck, Hanging 12 Slot; Hanging 12 Slot - 13.5”; Hanging 8 Slot - 12”; Hanging 8 Slot - 13”; Series 5 - 50 Resin Chair Truck; and Tilt Stack Chair Truck. Each of these categories provides a select amount of storage and transportation for tables and chairs because the designs are similar, yet the specifications serve different purposes and needs.The Hanging 12 Slot holds chairs for events where our folding chairs are used for seating. The Tilt Stack Chair Truck can hold stackable chairs such as our Superb Banquet Chair as many as ten chairs at a time. But this same product also can store up to 50 of our Fanback S5. The Event Trux Table Truck holds tables and chairs -- it even holds our portable dance floor!


Each cart is equipped with storage space for products used in the hospitality, rental, and event planning industries. Aside from storage, the cart's mobility is sturdy, with large wheels and casters.


Like all of our products, these storage carts are made from high-quality materials and are manufactured in the USA. Whether you are in need of something for moving a smaller amount of chairs and have an interest in our Tilt Stack Chair Truck, or you need something larger for big events and need one of our large hanging slot trucks, we can help provide the storage your business needs. Take look at our website to see specifications and descriptions, and then contact us via phone or email with your questions. We are here to find help you find the products you need.

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