The humble chair: A piece of furniture we take for granted. That is, until we need one. Charles McCourt began with an idea for a chair to withstand use. What might seem like an accident, McCourt the chemical engineer left his career and opened six rental stores in different states. His success led to the sale of each store, and he married his newfound knowledge of the rental industry to his knowledge of chemical engineering. The dream of McCourt Manufacturing was born. It’s entirely an American company, beginning on the hopes and ambition of the American dream.

Since this time, McCourt Manufacturing has produced their 5 millionth chair and expanded their product line to meet other needs of the rental industry.


The Key Ingredient

With his knowledge of chemical engineering, Charles McCourt developed a chair from a certain type of plastic known as polypropylene. Unlike other plastic products, this one doesn’t become brittle in the sun, fade, and it can endure weight. The polypropylene chair is made to last and endure, qualities McCourt saw products lacking during his time in the rental industry.


American Grit

To leave a career in chemical engineering and successfully manage stores throughout the eastern portion of the U. S. is a testament to the kind of quality and determination found throughout the history of America. The ingenuity of a man who sold his companies and took his profit to further innovate and develop the manufacturing and rental industries shows the pursuit of quality reflected in each product McCourt provides.

 Creativity and Adaptability

The creative mind of an engineer seeking to meet the need of a certain demographic did not stop with that first chair. McCourt has gone on to develop and manufacture tables of the same durability and quality, chairs of a more elegant design, and accessories to meet the needs that arise in the rental industry. With their use of lean manufacturing, practicality, functionality, innovation, and adaptability, McCourt Manufacturing found key elements to guarantee success.


Without outsourcing, McCourt balances quality with affordability; they balance design with practicality; McCourt pushes forward in innovation, offering practical solutions. Support manufacturing in the U.S.. Contact us today to find the products your church, school, or business needs. What seems like a humble product, can become the backbone of the next American Dream.


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