Hey, if you and your family are tired of the traditional meal for Thanksgiving, then this post is definitely for you. I mean if you are not wanting to sit down, dressed fancy, and so forth, then this definitely is for you.

For a few years I have always wondered what a buffet style Thanksgiving dinner would be like and how it would be maybe better for really big family gatherings. I know that when all of my family comes over, trying to serve everyone is a little chaotic. So, why not try out the McCourt Manufacturing ProRent Plywood Serpentine Portable Bar!

I know, it sounds a tad weird at first maybe, but think about it… the same great food but super accessible! No need to be ashamed to go for thirds on that mac and cheese, just get out there and do it!

By using this incredible buffet/bar table you can get double the space for one table! This is ideal for huge families that struggle to fit all the dishes on the table or even on the kitchen counter.

Especially if you like to do an outdoor gathering, this table is a perfect addition to any outdoor meal.

Even if you are not into the buffet-style meal, this table is still a great thing to have. Think about it as an old school buffet where the dishes simply sit there! So, again, there is more room at the table for your great-great-great aunt, cousin, or anyone else!

The food may be the star of the show, but let’s clear the table and make room for all of our loved ones. Is that not what Thanksgiving is all about? Giving thanks for family and friends!

Yes, I love apple pie as much as the next person, but surely we can agree family is the real reason for the season. However, I don’t want to miss my apple pie, so again, the double decker buffet/bar table gives you the best of both worlds.

Get cooking!

I love staying in hotels. I think because it usually signifies I am traveling to really exciting places, but whatever, I still love a good hotel even if I am going an hour away. There is something so special about walking into a new space… like a hotel. Maybe no one else feels this way, but I sure do!

(However, someone please tell me I am not the only one… please!)

Okay, anyways, let’s get started.

The McCourt Manufacturing ProRent Plywood Pedestal Table is absolutely perfect for places like a hotel lobby. If you work in or manage a hotel then this is the post for you. If your hotel is looking for a way to revamp the lobby with something more accessible and movable for the incoming guests, and even those just looking to hang in the lobby a bit, consider these tables.

The ProRent Plywood Pedestal Table is a durable pedestal style table that is perfect for spaces that may not always need seating. For example, if I am checking into a hotel, and I have all of my luggage with me and so forth, I am not necessarily looking to sit everything down then seat myself.

So, the pedestal table allows me to do paperwork, properly check in, or whatever else it may be, without it being a hassle.

Same for those in the lobby that are looking to chill before dinner, perhaps wait on another person, or just having a drink. These tables are great for that as they are not really limiting one on their movement or restricting what they can do. It feels fluid, and in a hotel lobby that is what we want.

These are also knock down tables that require no assembly. So, they are perfect for quick and easy storing or moving. Buy a few of these tables today and revamp your lobby that is more ergonomic and fluid for the guests.

I am a big charcuterie fan. No, actually I am the biggest charcuterie fan. I love nothing more than a good grazing board or anything with an abundance of cheese and bread on it. Literally my two favorite things: cheese and wine. The only thing that I probably love more is wine. Oh but how perfect… wine goes PERFECTLY with charcuterie.

No, it is not coincidental that I am writing about this as I drink a glass of red wine. Perhaps I was influenced…

Anyways, none of that is too important. What is important is convincing each and every one to throw a lovely little charcuterie party.

Another area of influence for me that really got me thinking about this, is absolutely the most perfect table for a grazing-centric party: the Flip Top Pedestal Table. I know, you wish you would have thought about that first.

Just kidding. However, I am not kidding about this table being perfect. You can put a different grazing board on each of the tables and have a fun variety of things. Grazing boards require tables that are easy to graze. Therefore, the flip top pedestal table is the most perfect choice. It allows mobility of guests without sacrificing table space.

Go ahead and tell those guests to each bring a different type of grazing board. As much as I was hyping up the cheese and bread, I love a good dessert board or even something with pickles or genuinely anything else you want. It would be wise to have a sign-up sheet for the guests so that no one brings a duplicate. You will also want to suggest bringing different drinks, whether that be wine or the ever-trending Negroni Sbagliato.

No one is limited by what they can bring, which makes this even more fun. Get your guests to be creative! This not only takes off the pressure to cook a phenomenal 10-course meal off the host, but it really does let the guests be part of the party!

Trust me, everyone will be plenty full after snacking all night and drinking their fun little drinks. This is guaranteed to be a good time.

Get a few of the  the Flip Top Pedestal Tables and get rolling!

With school about to start, we are sure to see schools trying to find and replace chairs in classrooms, school theatres, and every other place in need! Schools can take a beating in terms of their tables and chairs from year to year. It can be a hassle trying to figure out which kind of chairs and tables would work best and be durable for more than just the year!

So, we have rounded up a list of the best items from McCourt that will be sure to last throughout the school year and years to come! Our products are perfect for any classroom, auditorium, and so much more! McCourt Manufacturing has the best products that are guaranteed to not only fit your needs but exceed expectations!

Alright, so let’s get started!

For all the choir and music classes along with the school auditorium, these Auditorium Chairs are the perfect fit. No music student will want to sit on a scratchy, plastic chairs while playing an instrument or singing the high notes! Treat them with these chairs, and get the best bang for your buck with these durable fabric chairs.

Now, for art classrooms, no ordinary desk will do when students want to get creative! Go for something bigger and affordable with our laminate tables. These are easy to clean if any paint or markers get on the tables, so rest easy with knowing that you could easily get it off! These are made for high demand spaces, so what could be better than to use it in the classroom!

Finally, if you’re looking for something for smaller students, then go for our Kids Klassic Folding Chair so that you can have a perfect addition to the classroom that is made the little ones. These can be used in tons of situations and it can help make learning great with the portability of the chairs for whatever the occasion might be!

I love autumn! I will say it over and over again, and I seriously do not care. Judge me all you want! Just kidding, I will eventually stop talking about fall, but as soon as that happens, I will just move onto Christmas.

Regardless of any of that, let’s talk about a wonderful autumn harvest party that will have your guests swooning!

Any time is a good time for a harvest in my opinion. I am talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three!

You can do tons of things for each meal with the flavor bases of what I consider fall flavors.

Apples, pumpkins, and just oh-so much more!

This harvest can be anything you want it to be, and that is what makes it great. IF you choose a breakfast harvest, why not make some delicious apple crumble muffins or some pumpkin bread! A delicious pumpkin spice latte will be a fan favorite for sure.

Even if you mix it and make that a brunch situation, those still work, and you can even include some spiked cider or mimosas for some extra fun.

Another great thing about a brunch harvest is that there is so much overlap in between the early day versus later day foods that you can surely have something pleases each and every person. If you choose to do a dinner, then you could easily make some delicious mulled wine, pumpkin pie, and you know, the whole works.

For decorations think fun and fresh! I’m talking get all the gourds, pumpkins, and greenery you can find! Throw in a little plaid table runner, and you are golden. Some fabulous candles are also worth putting in there. Trust me it will be stunning.

Last but not least, we need a table! I keep talking about all these things we should get for this autumn harvest, but I never mentioned the most perfect table for an autumn harvest.

Meet the Rustic Farmhouse Table and Chairs.

It is the perfect edition to any autumn harvest, you will not regret it. It gives that airy and simple feel we are looking for with some true craftmanship sophistication. Go crazy, and get wild with your ideas for an autumn harvest this year. Get the perfect table from McCourt Manufacturing and live those fall dreams.


The Superb Chair from McCourt Manufacturing is really one for the books. It has that classic curve, smooth backing, and built for comfort. If you’re looking for convenience and class, then you have come to the right place! This chair is one of the many classic options we have available to you for any type of occasion. However, if you are going for the super classic and timeless banquet look, this chair is absolutely the one to choose.

However, let’s not limit our options. If you are looking for something a little different than a black, and quite superb (Ha!), chair then perhaps consider the Chiavari Chair for something trendy or you can even do the Alloyfold Fanback Chair for ultimate ease in design and storage.

Yet, today we are here to talk about the best of the best for banqueting chairs: The Superb Chair.

I have this idea, right, for the most suave banquet theme ever! James. Bond.

Look, if you are going to host a fancy banquet for whatever business or organization you are a part of, then why not take it to the max with a James Bond black tie event! Have everyone dress in their best tuxedos, the most flowing dresses and so forth to really seal the deal. With the Superb Chair, you will be able to tie together any element you add to create the perfect James Bond banquet.

One of my favorite 007 movies is Casino Royale, so I would highly suggest making the banquet, especially if it is for charitable reasons, to make a black tie, Casino Royale, casino night! That is easy to pull together with table games and donations! For each table for both food purposes and the table games, you can use these superb chairs. They are so comfortable, sleek, and truly made for an event like this.

Even if you don’t choose a James Bond, Casino Royale type beat, these chairs can be used for plenty more. Use their versatility and your imagination to create something great.

Oh goody, we are getting into my very favorite time of the year! Fall! This means pumpkin patch visits, all the pumpkin flavored anything you could ever want, and of course, those wonderful autumnal weddings!

There is no other type of wedding I love more than a fall wedding. The colors are always stunning, the texture of autumn flowers fulfills everything and more for me, and just gah! I love it all. I love a good long sleeve wedding dress, plus all those darker neutrals mixed with those delicious fall colors we all know and love are simply a recipe for amazing wedding photos. I also practice photography, so of course, color palettes mean a lot to me to get some good shots!

So, let’s say you’re doing a fall wedding. You’re going to need chairs for the service, reception, or both pending how/where you are getting married. The good thing for you is that McCourt Manufacturing has tons of chair options for you to make your special day absolutely perfect.

Today, we are focusing on chairs I think fit the best with an autumnal wedding that is sure to dazzle your guests. Whether you’re going for simplicity or opulence, we’ve got you covered. Chairs can go a long way for your lovely little wedding scene, and we want to make sure you get what you want.

Now, first chair: The Chiavari Stacking Chair.

This chair is a classic go-to for me and any event. You can buy this chair in multiple colors, and my favorites for a classic, sophisticated fall wedding are the gold, mahogany, white, and champagne colors. This chair is stunning and can fit most any wedding reception or service.

My second favorite chair for fall weddings is the Gala Resin Chair. This is great for outdoor weddings because it is casual but pulls off a fun and flirty vibe that is so totally the thing for fall weddings.

If neither of these are your preferred aesthetic for your wedding, go to the chair section of our website or contact someone directly to get assistance so that your wedding day can be more than perfect!

The Little Chiller Table is one of the best investments of the summer. With the Fourth of July coming up quite soon, this is definitely the way to go for an outdoor party like that.

The Little Chiller is essentially an open face ice chest that actually keeps things cool. It is the efficiency of an ice chest but the convenience of a table for grab and go quickness.

It is a professional and high quality table that has plenty to offer the party scene and the public. It is durable (aka it can handle the craziness of a party if it comes to that, if you know what I mean…).

Your Fourth of July parties will be elevated to a completely different level when your guests see the coolest little table ever. You don’t have to even worry about warm beer or non-fizzy soda when you have the Little Chiller table. Therefore, it is perfect for the Fourth and other summer celebrations because it can literally beat the heat!

Since we have the table specifications out of way, we can talk about a little more on how to make a great little party. Go for things like burgers and hot dogs for ease. You can even use the Little Chiller table to hold condiments and other such things for toppings for both the burgers and hot dogs.

Get some super cute and patriotic bunting to really get into the Fourth of July spirit, and you can even pull it around the table so that it is super tied together for an Independence Day party.

Even if you don’t go super full out on a party and decorations, you really don’t need to feel discouraged or as if you’re party doesn’t live up to the standards. That is the beauty about the Fourth of July and using something like the Little Chiller table. They elevate the standards just by being great and simple parties without you ever needing to stress.


Happy Fourth!

If you host events in large centers, whether it be a conference center, company dinner, wedding, or other such matter, the hardest thing to get together are the chairs. These large scale events require tons of seating, and sometimes it feels impossible on how to properly get all of the chairs to the event without breaking your back or running out of time.

So, what can we do about that?

The first answer might be to just get some nice foldable chairs that are easy to store and carry a (relatively) good amount of them at a time.

My answer: NO!

That is absolutely making the work way harder for you! Foldable chairs are a great idea, and I highly recommend using them for storage purposes, however there is another reason to!

You can fit tons of foldable chairs on our Chair Truck!

You are able to safely and securely stack lots of chairs on the classic Chair Truck. There is no reason or chance of breaking your back with this chair truck because it is efficient and trustworthy.

You’ll use this once and realize how much you have been missing out on! The mobility of these large wheels is unmatched, and it will provide such ease with movement that you will surely be impressed.

This is the most efficient and easiest way to transfer chairs to and fro the storage area to the event location. Combined with our Gala Resin Folding Chairs, Econolite Plastic Folding Chairs, or even the Series 5 Folding Chairs, you are going to get the best results with the most chairs able to be transported on the chair truck.

No matter which chairs you choose, make your life easier for all these large events you host! Why do extra work when the Chair Truck has you covered from loading to unloading and setting up a killer event.

outdoor wedding

Ding Dong, wedding bells are ringing!

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It is September which means that college football season is right around the corner! If you like to tailgate and throw parties for football season, then you’re in the right place.

It is important to keep all your party and tailgating supplies up to date and ready to roll. So, it might be worth seeing if it is time to retire those tired lawn chairs and upgrade to something a little sturdier!

McCourt can offer you several foldable chair options that can be easily stored and kept in tip-top shape for years.

Take a look at our Econolite Plastic Folding Chairs for a classic look and comfort.

If you want to get something with a little more razzle dazzle in the folding chair department, go for the Alloyfold Series A6 Chair. It even could double for nicer events like a wedding or outdoor gala!

Either of these chairs would be perfect for kicking back and relaxing while enjoying the football game. Plus you can easily store several of these chairs for all your guests without trying to figure out how you’ll fit enough chairs in the car for your whole crew!

Easy set-up, easy storage, and great versatility, what could be better than that?

Now, for more specific to those tailgating Saturdays, let’s talk about our Fill N Chill Party Table. There could not be a more perfect table than this one for college football season. Instead of trying to carry several coolers around and some tables for food. Why not kill two birds with one stone with this great Fill N Chill Party Table!

This allows you to do both drinks and food on one table with no doubt that they will stay chilled and ready to serve! It not only serves a great functional purpose, but it also is a fantastic way to get up that aesthetic value for all your parties. Top it off with some cute football décor, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a tailgate!

Upgrade your tailgate supplies with McCourt Manufacturing today.

memorial day

My biggest tips for Memorial Day cookouts and other events have plenty of seating, but make it casual. People don’t love to be separated by tables at events like these. Consider plenty of cushions, stand-alone chairs, and even a few pedestal style tables. Keep it casual, and keep it cool.

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