As the sun starts shining and the days get longer, there is an undeniable sense of anticipation for the sweetness of summer in the air. Summer is the time for celebrations, gatherings, and making such wonderful memories. Anything feels possible in the summer, and what is a better way to kick off a summer of fun than with a summer gala extravaganza? 

Summer galas transcend party status; they are simply an experience. A swimming combination of elegance, sophistication, and spirited fun. Think about your venue being adorned with twinkling lights, vibrant decorations, and guests dressed in fantastic cocktail attire. They are ready to immerse themselves in the glamour and have one heck of a good time!



Summer galas are buzzing with excitement, so create a theme that exudes just that. Think about including a champagne wall by the bar area where guests can grab and go flutes of champagne to tip the evening off with a dazzling start. Whether your gala is a fundraiser, corporate event, wedding reception, or another type of social gathering, there is a special sort of community that brings people together in celebration of life and community. 

For the most dazzling of galas, use the McCourt Manufacturing options to bring your venue decorations to level 10. Think about the classic Chiavari Chairs and how much I hype these up. They are simply perfect for a summer gala, and I can never recommend these enough. 

For tables, go for a classic choice like the Legacy Table or a round option with stellar table coverings and decorations. Think fairy lights, flowers, and opulence.



Keep decorations summery, light, and airy. That is the way to do it. As the evening unfolds, treat your guests to gourmet cuisines, small bites, and signature cocktails. Look to local caterers for these services to support your local economy and build up relationships with local businesses. 

A summer gala is more than an event, and you can make it a night to be talked about for ages.

 Make it the event of the season, do not miss out on the opportunity to host the glamour event of the summer.


For my day job, I work in a natural history museum. Not that you asked to know or anything, but I promise this is relevant. At the museum where I work, we host a ton of large events for colleges, private parties, weddings, memorials, and everything in between. The museum has lots of great spaces for rent, and it is a great way to get people into the museum even in an unconventional way.


With that being said, you might assume that because of all these events, there are a ton of tables and chairs moving around and all that great jazz. We have an entire events room that operates as our storage closet for all of our event things like tables and chairs.


We recently improved our storage closet organization though. Now what could that be? Well, it was none other than the EvenTrux™ Table Trucks.



The event coordinator at the museum was just beyond thrilled to order these because trust me, anything you can get to make moving tables and chairs easier is a gift from above. Not only was our storage closet a mess without them, it made the event set-up take so much longer.


The day she received the EvenTrux™ Table Trucks, we knew that our event setup struggles were over!


These table trucks are fantastic for several reasons. They keep everything extremely organized, tables and chairs fit perfectly on them, and the wheels are so smooth that it allows them to glide effortlessly for your event setup.



When we set up events and do tear down, we know we are no longer having to struggle to put everything back together like a game of Tetris. It allows us to be extremely efficient, put together, and better event hosters! We can offer a much higher quality of service to our clients because we have the table trucks to back us up.


If you have been on the fence about getting these table trucks for your business, do not be! These will change the way you do events forever.

No matter what your business does or what industry it is in, networking is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. Creating networking opportunities both internally and externally can take your business to the next level, whether it is a large company or something smaller. 

Spring has sprung, and now is the time to take advantage of the weather and host a spring networking mixer. Spring brings fresh opportunities, and now we invite you to envision your next corporate event in a setting adorned with elegance and functionality, brought to you by McCourt Manufacturing’s extensive range of tables, chairs, and other hospitality products. 

McCourt Manufacturing understands the importance of creating memorable experiences for your guests. Whether it is a large corporate gala or a more casual networking mixer like this one, our product line ensures that every detail is meticulously curated to reflect your company’s essence and leave a lasting impression.




Once you have a venue nailed down, it’s time to come to us and find the perfect chairs and tables for your event. If your company is smaller, consider renting a room at a restaurant, bar, or other local businesses to support them as well. If this is a larger corporation, look towards more convention center spaces, theatres, and other large-scale event venues. 

The best part of using McCourt Manufacturing products is the ensured quality and through any type of event or movement from venue to venue, our products stay in top shape. 

For a networking mixer, think of https://www.mccourtmfg.com/tables/flip-top-pedestal-table taller tables that allow for movement and less sitting. This should be set up like a party, not a dinner. 

Another addition that is a must-have is an open bar. To cut costs, only offer a select list of beer, wine, and one or two cocktails. Small bites are another aspect to think about, but again, keep it casual. Let it be a moment for people to chat and make new connections rather than feel obligated to stay at one table the entire time. Save that for a gala.





Networking events are great for everyone, they let people make new connections while strengthening your own business.


When I was in high school, which I am suddenly realizing was a very long time ago, we had a winter formal that always around Valentine’s Day. It was a sweet little event, where everyone wore their little cocktail dresses, and we decorated it like a lovey, dovey winter wonderland. Technically, it was never Valentine’s Day themed, but it was close enough.

So, for me to reminisce on one of the sweeter memories of high school, let us plan a cute Valentine’s Day dance for high schoolers. You can also adapt this to be for a sorority date party, some sort of business event, and all that good jazz.

I always loved being on the planning committees for these dances in high school. I never put my name in the hat for prom queen, but I definitely was the decorating queen. That is a fact.

Any good high school dance is not complete without a good balloon backdrop.

Kids these days are obsessed with taking photos to post on their various social medias. Hey, who can blame them? It is pretty much the world we live in today.

Courtesy of Pinterest

Even though we want a big dance floor at this event, we need to include some tables and chairs for those wanting to take a break, who are not quite as into dancing, and who perhaps just want to rest their feet.

I am once again going to recommend the Chiavari chairs as a staple piece to this event, but I will also say the Gala Resin chairs would be a great option as well. Now for tables, this can be a little more up to you, but I would personally recommend these classic round tables we offer. They are versatile and made for anything and pair well with the chair options I have already stated. These Commercialite tables come in many shapes and sizes, so pick whatever you feel satisfies your event requirements.

Courtesy of Marry Me Tampa Bay

You really do not need much when it comes to a high school dance. You provide the basics like tables and chairs, a photo backdrop, a solid dj, and you are absolutely golden.

Make sure to accentuate the pinks and reds and oh-so many hearts for the decorations.

Contact McCourt Manufacturing for all your event needs, no matter for a business, high school, or something else. We have you covered.

I am nowhere near getting married (read: I am single beyond measure), but I do love seeing all the beautiful wedding ceremonies and receptions on my various social media feeds like Pinterest and Instagram. I just like seeing so many beautiful celebrations of love! If I ever get married, maybe these will serve as some inspiration for me. Who knows?  

I have never been a big fan of really large-scale weddings. I think they are absolutely stunning and have their place, it is more of just a personal preference. I like intimate ceremonies that feel super special and personalized. However, to each their own!

 This Renaissance Opulence Wedding Feast 

You probably do not know this, but I have an MA in Renaissance Art History. Therefore, this wedding is just absolutely up my alley. I cannot imagine a more luxurious display of divine opulence and elegance than this. I love the dried bundles of leaves, fresh fruit, layered fabrics, and glorious glassware. This looks straight out of a Renaissance masterpiece and I am so here for it.


Courtesy of Pinterest


Simplified Elegance 

If you like something a little more on the understated side that just screams sophistication and classic style, then this next wedding is for you. The photo of these glasses is absolutely enough to let you know that this wedding was that black-tie wedding you only see in magazines. I. Love. It. Imagine a whole reception of clean palace settings, long, tapered candles, and chairs like these. Wow.


Courtesy of Du Jour Events


Vegas, Baby!

Lastly, I love those old school, almost cliché style weddings in Vegas chapels. Give me the cheesiness! However, even with the vibrant neon and velvet everything, I find these to be quite classic weddings with a particularly nostalgic charm I just cannot get enough of. Absolutely love the fun details people tend to add at these sorts of weddings, like pink frilly veils, those classic, very 80s style tiered cakes… and everything in between. This one at Sure Thing Chapel… it is everything!


Courtesy of Sure Thing Chapel


Every wedding needs seating and tabling options, let us take care of that for you! Whether big or small, these weddings are made to be fitted with the best of the best. Let us give it to you!

I look forward to the Pantone color of the year announcement, well, every year! I am always thrilled to see what they chose and why. I find their reasonings usually quite inspiring and filled with good mantras to take with me throughout the new year.

Pantone’s website states that Peach Fuzz is all about creating that warm and fuzzy feeling inside you. It is the desire for connection, warmth, and peace. I love that.

So, why am I talking about the Pantone color of the year? Well, I think it is a good source of inspiration for events in the new year. Whether you take it literally with Peach Fuzz as the main color in your party palette, or you can just take the vibes of the color to create the perfect party.

For parties and events looking to use Peach Fuzz as an essential color in the event’s color palette, consider the type of event you are hosting. Perhaps a wedding or a large birthday bash? If so, this color is a great choice, and you have many options when it comes to decorations. Consider flowers in pink and orange hues your new best friend. Fill up your entire space with a flower wonderland. Bring in some more texture with various draping fabrics of creams and pinks. It will be swoon worthy.

For a party like this, you will definitely need some chairs.

We consider the Chiavari Stacking Chair the perfect partner for an event like this. Does is not just exude Peach Fuzz energy? Available in a wide range of colors, you cannot go wrong. If you are looking for a chair the same color as Peach Fuzz, the champagne option of the Chiavari line is a pretty close match-up.

Now for the vibe. For parties that are less keen on thinking pink, go for a party that exudes warmth and serenity. I still think the Chiavari Stacking Chair works fantastic for a vibe like this, but the Garden Resin Folding Chairs will definitely do the trick as well.

To exude the Peach Fuzz vibe think garden party or a large outdoor movie event with tons of blankets, pillows, and tons of candles. Make people feel comfortable and at home. That is what Peach Fuzz is all about.

Whatever you decide to do, take Peach Fuzz into consideration all year long.

With spring about to be in full swing and the summer not yet here, we are about to get in that sweet spot of warm, pleasant weather. The heat is not too intense, but it is warm enough to sit outside, grill out, and drink some nice, cold drinks. I love seeing people spend time outside, especially when just having good vibes, listening to music, and hanging out with people they care about. 

For example, I live in an apartment complex that has a really lovely outdoor and pool area. Yesterday was so sunny and warm, there were a slew of friends all hanging at the pool, listening to music, and grilling out. It made my heart smile, and it was simply a great scene to see.

However, the only thing I think that would have made that whole hang out better is if they would have had a great cooler and table for food and drinks. That can get pretty bulky and messy, but if you could have something that is a combined product that would be perfect.

 Surely that doesn’t exist is what you’re thinking to yourself… 

Well, today is your lucky day because something like this does exist, and McCourt Manufacturing sells it.




Let me introduce you to the Chillin’ Products line at McCourt Manufacturing. There are both large and small versions of these tables to fit your needs.


You can view them here.


The Fill N Chill Table and the Little Chiller table are two products that really shine for outdoor parties, events, and good ol’ fashioned hangouts. They are deep tables with tons of room for ice and work better than a cooler and just like a regular table!



Both versions are made of a highly durable material that are made for tons of use for years to come, can deal with various weather conditions, and so much more.


Make your spring and summer events, barbecues, and parties stand out! Buy a Chillin’ Product today.

With 2024 quickly approaching, we need to make sure all of your company’s event materials, chairs, and tables are up to par. If you are looking for new seating or table products or even just some little replacement parts and so forth, McCourt Manufacturing is the way to go.

We have a round-up of all the essentials in our product offerings for the new year.

  1. Chiavari Chairs

Look, if you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I cannot give a list of the greatest products and not mention the Chiavari chairs. Simply put, I am obsessed with them. I think they are the most perfect seating solution for most any event. Whether it be something formal, indoors, outdoors, a wedding, or even just a fancy company dinner, these chairs can do it all.

If you do not have a set of Chiavari chairs, what are you doing?

  1. Table Replacement Parts

If you do not have the budget to replace chairs, do not fret! Sometimes all you need is to replace the bottom parts of a chair for it to be elevated. People hate a wobbly chair, so give them peace of mind with these bad boys on make your chair legs even again.

  1. Garden Resin Folding Chair

This is another classic. It is giving little garden weddings, fairy tea parties, and everything in between. The Garden Resin Folding Chair is becoming a new favorite of mine, and it really does get the job done well. Easy setup, tear down, and cleaning. Easy. Love it.

  1. Chair Cover

Keep your chairs looking spiffy and in tip-top shape with these storage chair covers. By ensuring less dust build up and no starches during storage/moving, you can be positive your chairs will look brand new for years.

  1. Party Pack

Lastly, maybe all you need is a Party pack. If you are looking to enhance or even begin your event collection, this is a surefire way to do it. By giving you all the basics and supreme storage solutions, the Party Pack is the way to go.



Everyone knows the saying “ring by spring,” and though it might be daunting or have a certain connotation to it, there is no denying that many people tend to get engaged in the springtime. Now, I honestly have no feelings or anything of the sorts attached to this as I am nowhere near a state of marriage, let alone engagement, in my life. That being said, I do know people want a good engagement party. 

So, why not utilize the weather and throw a floral, springy engagement party outdoors! Anyone would love a garden engagement party, that much is true. 

I love flowers, I love garden parties, and I love love. Basically an expert in spring engagement parties. Joking, but my mom is an actual expert party planner so this really is a forte of mine. 

For any great garden engagement, you want lots of flowers. Wildflowers are great and do not worry about uniformity. There is something so charming about some freedom in flower arrangements. This example below really just makes me feel giddy for flowers!




I also love how garden parties always have small bites and dainty little desserts. Everything is always on some magnificent tiered platter and just exudes loveliness. Love! This one really just provides tons of inspo for me, and no matter how big or small the party is, you can absolutely do something like this. It feels personal, quaint, and on theme.




For all these beautiful tables filled with flowers and food, we need some chairs. Luckily for you, the Garden Resin Folding Chair is the perfect option for a springtime engagement party. Making those garden fantasies come true!


Easy to clean, UV resistant, and comfortable to sit in. The chair fits the theme and definitely is a great investment.



Lastly, instead of a balloon arch, I would love to see some sort of flower arch that leads to the party or is the main photo attraction. Definitely a way to accentuate the natural world and outdoor setting!



For more ideas, chairs, and seating solutions, be sure to check out our entire lineup of hospitality products we offer at McCourt Manufacturing. 

With the holiday season in full swing and Christmas nearly here, it is time for all the office parties to kick off as well. Office parties are always a toss-up in terms of if they end up being fun or awkward. The biggest factor in an office and workplace party’s level of awkwardness is seating. It might seem slightly silly to say at first, but when you start to think about that, it makes a huge difference.

For example, when people are just standing around or still tied to their desks, they have less of a reason to interact with other guests or feel like it is a welcoming, festive environment. I think about the scene at the Christmas party in The Santa Clause 2 when the teachers are standing quite aloof at the party. Maybe if they would have had some better seating, they wouldn’t have had this issue!

So, there are two solutions to this problem.

The first solution is to host the party in a different location to really make it feel incentivized for your employees. A change of environment can make a massive difference to the vibe of any party, especially an office party. However, even at a local brewery or party room at a local business, you might need some more chairs. So, the second solution also works for this too.

Courtesy of Pinterest

The second solution is super simple and budget-friendly. If you cannot afford to rent out a whole space for your employees, then get more chairs!

I recommend folding chairs so that you can easily store them when not in use. It can be annoying to only have stackable chairs in small work spaces and so forth.

A classic choice is these Econolite folding chairs that are sturdy, easy to clean, and easy to store.

Another fan favorite is the Alloyfold Fanback Chair. It is a classy option that can be used for anything, and it also is a small, portable chair perfect for office parties.

Furthermore, outside of seating solutions, decorating for the holiday party is a great way to get people more involved. You should also give a theme so that people have something to get excited about for the party.

Holiday parties do not have to be awkward, so do your part as the employer to make it better for all your workers!



I like warmer weather only when I can be outside a lot. I love to spend time in the parks, eating outside, outdoor concerts, and I love a casual outdoor bar! Anything and everything outdoors in the spring and early summer, I am a huge fan. HUGE!


Now, ask me this question again in July and August, and it is totally different unless its at night after the sun has gone down. Relief from the heat for sure. Anyway, people generally love to spend time outside. Maybe you are a restaurant, bar, or concert venue owner looking to expand into the outdoor market. There is definitely money to be made there. Are you looking for seating options that are cool, sleek, durable, and made specifically for outdoor use?


I can help with that! The Elle Bar Stool from McCourt Manufacturing is a prime choice for anyone looking to get into the outdoor game. Seriously!



These are sleek, sophisticated, durable, and adaptable chairs made for outdoor venues of all kinds. Whether you are opening a bar by a pool at a hotel, doing a cool day club, or anything in between, these chairs are definitely for you.


Coming in both black and white with small backs for added comfort, these chairs can adapt to nearly anything. These are sure to be crowd pleasers. They are made of a nearly indestructible Polypropylene frame with glass fiber, UV resistant, and 100% recyclable. What more could you ask for! Easy to clean, stack, and keep intact. The Elle Bar Stool is sure to make you swoon and take your business to the next level. Max level elevation!



Give us a call to talk about pricing and if these chairs suit your needs the best. We are happy to help however we can and point you in the direction for the best chairs, tables, and more for all your needs.


It is nearly time for Thanksgiving, so I want to talk about an over-the-top Thanksgiving extravaganza for all the extra people in the world out there like me. If you are familiar with the dark academia aesthetic, you will surely understand the vibe I am going for with this party. When I say extravaganza I do not mean throwing turkeys and leaves everywhere for a hot mess of a table setting. I mean a dinner party that exudes sophistication, excellence, and more than anything else: luxury.

If you want to talk about the aesthetic, think The Secret History meets Dutch Baroque still life paintings, with a mix of an ancient Roman feast. Yeah, when I say extravaganza I mean opulence everywhere.

It is my dream to throw a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner party like this one day.

Traditionally, when I think of Thanksgiving I think about familial ties, tradition, and warmth. Let’s take those ideas and amplify them with my opulent Roman feast.

Courtesy of Décor to Adore

How to achieve this you might ask? Well, let’s get started.

First, you need the most bourgeois, elegant, and unique tableware you can find. Places like Goodwill are the perfect shop to find some stellar pieces for the right price.

All the glass and crystal you can find as well as any type of ceramic dish with an elaborate pattern is a great way to showcase the mismatched but wonderfully put together aesthetic.

More than anything else, however, you need lots of candles. This Thanksgiving should only be lit by candlelight to really get that dark academia, Dutch still life feel.

In addition to that, make the table scape really natural and earthy. Wildflowers, dried fruits, and an assortment of greenery will do the trick.

Lastly, to pull together the academic vibe, you need two more things (ideally): some sort of turntable or of-the-past sound system to play some tunes as well as an assortment of classic literature to help bring levels to your table.

No one needs to be engaged with these books during the party, but they are there to complete the vibe.

Now put on your Baroque classical records or your finest dark academic playlist and you surely will have the most opulent, exuberant, Thanksgiving extravaganza.

Courtesy of Restoration House Blog

If you need any tables or chairs to help make this event happen, McCourt Manufacturing is the place for you. Whether you are looking for something fancy like this table or more versatile and ready for all types of events, we can get you what you are looking for in a jiffy.

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