I spend a lot of my time in the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. You might be asking why, and it is partly because I really enjoy that museum, but it is also because I work there! Yep, I am one of the faces you see upon arriving at the museum.

The museum is stunning. There are tons of really interesting and cool exhibits to see, especially those relating to Oklahoma. In addition to all of our amazing pieces and specimens, we have one heck of a space to entertain and throw special events inside.

I am fortunate to work closely with the events coordinator so I get to see a lot of what goes into everything with events. I see all the tables, chairs, miscellaneous décor, and logistical pieces needed to make every event successful. Also, being that we are a museum, we have a ton of special rules we have to follow to be able to host events in such a special place.

Courtesy of Sam Noble Museum

Now you might be curious as to why I am bringing all of this up to you. Well, it is not only to make you aware of great event space and to think about unconventional spaces like museums for special events but also because McCourt Manufacturing is a great option for supplies for these types of things.

Think about the Flip Top Pedestal Table we have in stock. This is a great option for many reasons as I have stated so many times before, but these are especially great for working with spaces where you might be limited due to exhibits and objects in the space without compromising anything.

Additionally, the ProRent Plywood Serpentine Portable Bar is great for several reasons. Its swooped shape makes it sleek and also conducive to most spaces. If you have two or three of these for your events, this will make food serving and drinking serving go so much smoother and will be great for small or unconventional spaces that need to have special setups.

Lastly, of course, you should invest in the EvenTrux Table Trucks for hauling large loads of event products for large events like what we host in the Great Hall at the museum. This will make event setup much faster and more efficient.

Courtesy of Sam Noble Museum

Stop with boring event spaces when you can support local museums and cultural centers as well as create something magnificent for your guests to experience.

More details about each product can be found online at mccourtmfg.com.


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