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We’ve talked about the Fill 'N Chill Party Table before, but we haven’t mentioned its perfect accessory item. We all know that the table is perfect for all sorts of parties, especially in the summer when it is hot! The Fill ‘N Chill Party Table is fantastic for keeping those drinks and snacks cold all day while you’re entertaining the guests!

With the ability to add ice directly into the table, you can keep all the goods chilled without having to sacrifice your display and the ease of grabbing food and drinks at the party. All around this table is a game-changer for party throwing, specifically outdoor parties in the summer. The table is super durable and easy to set up and take down. There honestly is nothing easier than this!

So, to add a little "umph" and flair to the Fill ‘N Chill party table set up, you should definitely consider adding on the Party Table Skirts. They cover the legs of the Fill ‘N Chill table so your decoration flow isn’t interrupted by the metal legs of the table. It also adds a little more “undercover” storage for during the party without adding clutter to the space. Store your extra plates, utensils, and other party essentials underneath the chiller skirts.

They also just look nice, and they help give a finished look to all parties. Their pleated and accordion-style skirts look elegant and high-end without sacrificing function. Since the Party Table Skirts are made with 100% polyester, they are easy to clean and repel stains like a champion. This means they are ready for long-term use and any party. They are really the perfect addition to your party set-up essentials, and they will add all the finishing touches you could want. The Party Table Skirts are also equipped with skirting clips so attaching them to the Fill ‘N Chill Party Table is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Keep in mind these take around 7 to 10 business days for delivery, so plan accordingly with your party dates to get these in time for the celebration. Available in several styles and in black and white, these go with any party theme. Add some umph to the Fill ‘N Chill table and elevate your party today!

Call us at 479-783-2593 or 800-333-2687 for more info on how to get our Party Table Skirts for your next event.

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