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Is your restaurant or venue Valentine ready? According to a National Retail Federation survey published last February, consumers spend about $19.6 billion on Valentine’s Day, of that amount $3.7 billion is spent on an evening out. Most restaurants rank Valentine’s Day as the second busiest day of the year. To make your guests’ visit memorable, it is important to have everything ready to help them create a romantic evening. Of course, the food is important, but the tables and chairs that your diners eat the food on is just as important. Consumers want to sit comfortably and be able to enjoy their meal on a good quality table and chair.

To ensure your restaurant is at the top of the list with consumers this Valentine’s Day, here are a few ways to make sure your restaurant or venue is their first choice:

  • Create a special Valentine’s Day package that sets a romantic tone. You can create a special multi-course meal just for Valentine’s Day. The package typically includes an appetizer, champagne, wine or cocktails, soup or salad, entrée and a sharable dessert for one set price. This is great for consumers in that they know exactly how much money to budget and it is great for restaurants as it allows you to efficiently order food and control food costs. It also gives staffing a chance to do more prep work before the busy night. Additionally, if you offer this as a “reservation-only” event it gives the night a feeling of exclusivity.

  • If you don’t want to limit your customers’ food selections, your food presentations can promote love. Ideas include presenting food in heart shapes; create a special chocolate dessert or a special dessert cake in soft, pastel colors.

Whatever you choose to do to help your customers create a special evening, preparation is key. McCourt offers a wide range of folding chairs and tables, stacking chairs and pedestal tables to fit all your needs. We will be happy to discuss your venue’s space and which of our products will help you get the most out of your floor space. Contact us today 800.333.2687 or you can fill out a simple form on our Contact Us page for a consultation and pricing.  

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