As an event venue space, you are deep into the holiday party season, but after the glitter settles from the last New Year’s Eve celebration how do you utilize the off-season? The off–season often finds event planners and venue owners exhausted and ready for a break. While breaks are necessary to take a breather from the business to refresh your mind and spirit, using the off-season after your break will help get things organized to make those busy seasons easier and more profitable. Here are a few off-season tips for your venue:

  1. Taking a little vacation after the peak season will help you start fresh. When you come back from vacation, take a step back and take a look at the venue space with refreshed eyes. Having a fresh mind and spirit allows you to think outside your regular box and possibly find new, innovative ways to maximize your venue space. For example, if your space is small you may be able to maximize underused areas such as corners, foyers and alcoves.

  1. Use this time to update your marketing and online presence. Does your website truly reflect your current business or does it still reflect your business from five years ago? Develop a social media plan to increase your online presence highlighting all the fabulous events held at your venue. Additionally, this is a great time to market face-to-face with clients and other vendors such as florists, caterers and event planners.

  1. Inventory equipment and venue items such as tables, chairs and linens. Have you been meaning to update your tables and chairs? Now is the time to get those items ordered, so they will be here by the time the busy season comes around again. McCourt Manufacturing can help you with all your hospitality needs offering a wide variety of tables and chairs.

  1. To keep income coming in throughout the off-season, encourage potential clients to book your venue during this time at an off-season rate.

A little planning on the front end will make for a more successful, profitable and stress-free peak season.

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