“Made in the U.S.A.” is a tagline that has always held an incredible amount of influence over the buying habits of customers nationwide. And that’s for very good reason! Due to a long history of producing superior products, the average consumer sees the U.S.A. stamp of approval as a guarantee.   

So, it’s true that a product’s label of “Made in the U.S.A.” could very well be the deciding factor in a buyer’s final decision. And here’s why:

Superior Market Growth

Did you know that North America is the second-largest furniture market in the world? According to a report by TechNavio (an independent global market research firm) the demand for luxury furniture is projected to increase at an over 4% growth rate each year from 2015-2019.

TechNavio’s market analysis also predicts that output from the furniture industry will be at an all-time high in order to meet the increase in product demand. This supports the assessment that established American companies will continue to expand their businesses at an impressive rate.

Superior Management of Materials

American manufacturers are known for keeping product materials well-stocked, for convenience and efficiency. Meanwhile, some international companies are based in countries that experience shortages of certain resources. These shortages can cause delays and even drive up the price of the overall product due to the added cost of imported materials. Labor and transportation costs are usually factored into the overall price of the product. Which isn’t good when you think you’re paying for the quality of the materials, when really the majority is going toward the labor and transport just to get them there.

When you purchase internationally, you run the risk of your product being outsourced from a region with shoddy production standards and an insufficiently trained workforce. International products do not have to comply with our nationally recognized safety standards. This is a problem, especially if you’re planning on using the furniture commercially.

When you buy domestically, it ensures that your orders can be manufactured and shipped much more quickly than if they had to be transported internationally. This cuts down on production costs considerably. If there are any issues, buying domestically ensures that you have easy access to replacement parts for quick repairs. No more waiting 6-8 weeks, only to discover something got lost in translation and you didn’t get what you ordered! Also, there’s the option of meeting with an American manufacturer in person which wouldn’t be possible with an international provider.

Superior Design Quality

According to TechNavio, the American furniture industry will soon see an unprecedented increase in enhanced quality and service in order to compete with the larger international players. Domestic manufacturers have an edge by being able to concentrate more on producing their own original designs and introducing new manufacturing techniques with these designs.

Buying domestically also makes it easier for custom designs. Domestic manufacturers are more likely to fine-tune their products for American-specific style and use. Talking specifics with an American manufacturer cuts out the difficulties of vastly different time zones and the increased potential for communication failure. Less transportation costs also means that more of your money goes toward a higher quality craftsmanship!

McCourt Manufacturing is proud to display the “Made in the U.S.A.” stamp prominently on our superior products. Give us a call at 479-783-2593 or 800-333-2687 for more information and make sure to check out our catalog for quality American made furniture!

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