McCourt Manufacturing would like to invite you to learn more about our exclusive Chiavari Stacking Chair, aka the Cadillac of event furniture seating. While new trends come and go, the Chiavari is the standard for weddings and high profile events.

McCourt Manufacturing offers a simple, elegant design that nonetheless holds up to 1000 lbs of static weight. The Chiavari’s welded construction provides a sturdiness you can continue to depend on, while the chair’s lightweight, stackable design makes for easy storage.

People have been refining the Chiavari chair design for some 200 years now. Normally, you can’t improve upon perfection, but we gave it our best shot.


The Chiavari chair refers to a particular style of chair that originated in Chiavari, Italy. The Chiavari chairs were inspired by the elaborate French Empire style of chairs, which Italian manufacturers simplified for mass-production. This specific chair style has been manufactured and sold since 1807 and remains a very popular design today.

There are many reasons why the Chiavari chairs continue to be such a success.

1.      The original load-bearing design is both visually appealing and practical (again, holds up to 1000 lbs!).

2.      Chiavari chairs were specifically stripped of all their unnecessary flourishes in favor of mass production, but the general groundwork is still there which makes decoration easy (check out the Bright Ideas Blog for chair decoration ideas).

3.      Chiavari chairs can be made with virtually any type of manufacturing material (though some are better than others, see below).

McCourt Manufacturing Aluminum Chiavari Chair

Each of our Chiavari chairs are treated with a waterproof varnish that prevents:

·         Cracks

·         Warping

·         Splits

·         …all problems common with typical wooden chairs.

Originally, the Chiavari chairs were made using wood. However, the more popular materials to use nowadays are resin or metal. Wood usually requires regular upkeep and repair.

That’s why McCourt Manufacturing decided to create Chiavari chairs from quality, 100% welded aluminum. The color coated metal of the Chiavari chairs ensures superior durability. The varnish guarantees virtually maintenance-free years of long-lasting service.

Aluminum also goes better with a heated powder finish. We use a powder coated finish for our aluminum Chiavari chairs because it’s the most resistant to scratches and scuffs. Our baked on powder coat finish is a lot tougher than liquid paint and can withstand years of abuse. Aluminum is also highly resistant to rust, so our Chiavari chairs are perfect for both outdoor and indoor use!

McCourt Manufacturing Exclusive Offers

Chiavari Chair Colors

Chiavari Illusion Chair

·         New style of Chiavari chair

·         Highly impact resistant

·         Designed to reflect the lighting and ambience of a room (ice-like, glass, or crystal themes are very popular)


Chiavari Covers

·         Dust covers

·         Prevents nicks and scratches when in transport

·         Long-lasting protection

·         Proven to extend the life of a chair

Optional Chiavari Cushion

·         Available in white, ivory, or black

·         Polyester cover

·         Hook & loop fasteners

·         Zippered back for laundering



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