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I came across an article from Entrepreneur the other day that I found very relevant to any business looking to set themselves apart by keeping it local. This particular article took a close look at Proper Hospitality’s business model and how each of their hotels reflects the particular city in which they are built. The company’s co-founder, Brian De Lowe, has developed an incredible way to localize each hotel although their corporate headquarters are located in San Francisco. Currently, they have four hotels in locations servicing different clientele — three are in California — San Francisco, Santa Monica, and downtown Los Angeles and the other is located in Austin, Texas. After reading the article, I couldn’t help but think that these are great applications for any business, especially those in the event business. I’ll recap on each area of importance to the Proper brand.

Local name while keeping brand consistency

Right from the start, Proper keeps it local by calling each hotel by the city name first and then their brand — San Francisco Proper, Austin Proper.  This is a brilliant way to let customers know the hotel is special to the area while maintaining the brand’s identity.

Figure out what is lacking in your area and fill that need

As an event company, you deal with event planners, venues and clients. You are at an incredible advantage to see what is needed from various points of view. From the event planners point of view, they may need a reliable, rental company they feel good about referring their clients to. If you own a rental company, you can become their go-to vendor by providing tables, chairs, and other event needs.

Always keep the customer’s perspective in the forefront

I think brides are a great example of this because they often get a bad rap for being demanding. It is always best to look at from their perspective because this is one of the biggest days in a bride’s life. This is most likely the only time in her life she will do something like this, whereas, you being in the event business this is what you do several times a week. Don’t ever lose sight of whom you are servicing.

McCourt Manufacturing strives to serve their customers by filling their needs with a variety of dependable, long-lasting tables and chairs for events, classrooms, meeting rooms and sanctuaries while keeping prices affordable. Give them a call today to set your business apart from the rest!

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