I love staying in hotels. I think because it usually signifies I am traveling to really exciting places, but whatever, I still love a good hotel even if I am going an hour away. There is something so special about walking into a new space… like a hotel. Maybe no one else feels this way, but I sure do!

(However, someone please tell me I am not the only one… please!)

Okay, anyways, let’s get started.

The McCourt Manufacturing ProRent Plywood Pedestal Table is absolutely perfect for places like a hotel lobby. If you work in or manage a hotel then this is the post for you. If your hotel is looking for a way to revamp the lobby with something more accessible and movable for the incoming guests, and even those just looking to hang in the lobby a bit, consider these tables.

The ProRent Plywood Pedestal Table is a durable pedestal style table that is perfect for spaces that may not always need seating. For example, if I am checking into a hotel, and I have all of my luggage with me and so forth, I am not necessarily looking to sit everything down then seat myself.

So, the pedestal table allows me to do paperwork, properly check in, or whatever else it may be, without it being a hassle.

Same for those in the lobby that are looking to chill before dinner, perhaps wait on another person, or just having a drink. These tables are great for that as they are not really limiting one on their movement or restricting what they can do. It feels fluid, and in a hotel lobby that is what we want.

These are also knock down tables that require no assembly. So, they are perfect for quick and easy storing or moving. Buy a few of these tables today and revamp your lobby that is more ergonomic and fluid for the guests.

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