It is September which means that college football season is right around the corner! If you like to tailgate and throw parties for football season, then you’re in the right place.

It is important to keep all your party and tailgating supplies up to date and ready to roll. So, it might be worth seeing if it is time to retire those tired lawn chairs and upgrade to something a little sturdier!

McCourt can offer you several foldable chair options that can be easily stored and kept in tip-top shape for years.

Take a look at our Econolite Plastic Folding Chairs for a classic look and comfort.

If you want to get something with a little more razzle dazzle in the folding chair department, go for the Alloyfold Series A6 Chair. It even could double for nicer events like a wedding or outdoor gala!

Either of these chairs would be perfect for kicking back and relaxing while enjoying the football game. Plus you can easily store several of these chairs for all your guests without trying to figure out how you’ll fit enough chairs in the car for your whole crew!

Easy set-up, easy storage, and great versatility, what could be better than that?

Now, for more specific to those tailgating Saturdays, let’s talk about our Fill N Chill Party Table. There could not be a more perfect table than this one for college football season. Instead of trying to carry several coolers around and some tables for food. Why not kill two birds with one stone with this great Fill N Chill Party Table!

This allows you to do both drinks and food on one table with no doubt that they will stay chilled and ready to serve! It not only serves a great functional purpose, but it also is a fantastic way to get up that aesthetic value for all your parties. Top it off with some cute football décor, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a tailgate!

Upgrade your tailgate supplies with McCourt Manufacturing today.

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