There is a lot of truth in a 2014 column published by The Journal.ie discussing how dance has the ability to bring people together no matter where they are from, what they look like or what they believe. Have you ever noticed this at an event you’ve attended? Once people get on the dance floor it seems like they can finally let their hair down, let loose and relax.

Many good events have been made great by getting guests on a dance floor. Adding the option of a dance floor to your venue gives you an advantage over many of your competitors. Dance floors not only give guests a chance to dance the night away, they also help separate different areas of your event, use up dead space in a room and create a focal point.

McCourt Manufacturing’s Ovation™ Portable Dance Floor is a popular rental item among customers. It is solidly crafted and will stand up to the wear and tear of normal rental use. It even holds up to high heels! It is versatile enough to fit any size space--large, small and even outdoors.

The 3’ x 3’ sections are easy to handle and constructed of premium luxury wood grain vinyl over ¾” plywood. The perimeter is trimmed with ribbed anodized extruded aluminum and features an 11-degree slope allowing guests to safely and easily get off and on the dance floor. Speaking of safety the dance floor is slip-resistance to keep everyone on their feet.

In addition to its durability, there are nine different finishes to choose from to coordinate with any venue. Finishes include Kensington Maple, Wild Cherry, Boardwalk Oak, Asian Night, Green Tigris, Windswept Bronze, and Sterling Ash, black and white.

If your venue is small and you are worried about storage space. Don’t, because the 3’ x 3’ panels store easily and combined with McCourt’s exclusive Dance Floor EVENTrux™ transporting is a breeze.

The Ovation™ Portable Dance Floor has a full two-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects under normal use. McCourt will repair or replace at no charge.

Once you have purchased the dance floor here are few tips and tricks to help your customers keep the dance floor packed:

  • Position the dance floor next to the DJ or band. Aside from the obvious that people want to dance where the music is, positioning the dance floor this way allows you to separate the tables from being seated right next to the speakers.
  • Create a memorable spot for dancing, by dressing up the dance floor. Consider investing in an overhead projector to allow your guests to further personalize their event. Set the tone with dark and cozy lighting. People tend to be a bit shyer about dancing if the dance floor is too lit.
  • Hire a good DJ that will get the crowd dancing. If the guests are hesitant, a good DJ will incorporate dancing games to get people out of their seats. It’s a given, but make sure the DJ knows what music you want and is willing to take requests from guests.

Adding a dance floor to your venue will help make your venue memorable and fun for all guests, which leads to repeat customers and referrals. Contact McCourt Manufacturing today to add some fun and togetherness to your venue.

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