Having the right tables is a great way to set any event or organization apart from the competition. Once you have acquired them, what about moving them around?  Transporting awkward and heavy table can be time consuming, back breaking and energy draining, but McCourt’s offers a solution—EVENTrux™ Dispatch System. Moving, setting up, tearing down and storage of your tables is easy with this system, because tables can be moved around in large quantities from one place to the other.

Rolling truck carts are designed to move folding tables to and from rooms and storage areas.  They are perfect for use at church rec rooms, gymnasiums, convention centers, banquet halls, and any other large gathering space.  Additionally, you can stack tables without difficulty.

The heavy-duty construction is designed with the user in mind. The system provides years of service in the daily use of event rental, convention center, school, church and hospitality industries. EVENTrux™ allows for greater mobility as it is constructed of large wheels and casters allowing easy rolling from various rooms and storage closets. Tubular handles help make steering and maneuvering easy and effective.

McCourt Manufacturing offers a wide selection to offer the most effective storage and mobility for your application. Table carts can accommodate round or rectangular tables. Table truck options include:

Round – 60/72

Rectangle – 30 w/ ¾ edge

Rectangle – 72 x 18/30

Rectangle – 96 x 18/30

Rectangle – Tilt 18/30

Pedestal Party Cart

Investing in an EVENTrux™ Dispatch System saves your organization time and money giving you a faster return on investment. The amount of labor needed is reduced because you are able to use the minimum amount of workers required to set-up or tear down. Employee efficiency is increased as it takes less time to move tables. The system securely holds tables in place preventing injury to workers. Utilizing the system will help keep floors looking new, because chances of damaging and scuffing floors is lessened as items are being moved around on a rolling cart versus dragged across floors.  

The EVENTrux™ Dispatch System is the perfect addition to your next large event. They allow you to get where you are going a little quicker. As always, this product is made in the USA producing the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and customer service around.                                                                               

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