Everyone knows the saying “ring by spring,” and though it might be daunting or have a certain connotation to it, there is no denying that many people tend to get engaged in the springtime. Now, I honestly have no feelings or anything of the sorts attached to this as I am nowhere near a state of marriage, let alone engagement, in my life. That being said, I do know people want a good engagement party. 

So, why not utilize the weather and throw a floral, springy engagement party outdoors! Anyone would love a garden engagement party, that much is true. 

I love flowers, I love garden parties, and I love love. Basically an expert in spring engagement parties. Joking, but my mom is an actual expert party planner so this really is a forte of mine. 

For any great garden engagement, you want lots of flowers. Wildflowers are great and do not worry about uniformity. There is something so charming about some freedom in flower arrangements. This example below really just makes me feel giddy for flowers!




I also love how garden parties always have small bites and dainty little desserts. Everything is always on some magnificent tiered platter and just exudes loveliness. Love! This one really just provides tons of inspo for me, and no matter how big or small the party is, you can absolutely do something like this. It feels personal, quaint, and on theme.




For all these beautiful tables filled with flowers and food, we need some chairs. Luckily for you, the Garden Resin Folding Chair is the perfect option for a springtime engagement party. Making those garden fantasies come true!


Easy to clean, UV resistant, and comfortable to sit in. The chair fits the theme and definitely is a great investment.



Lastly, instead of a balloon arch, I would love to see some sort of flower arch that leads to the party or is the main photo attraction. Definitely a way to accentuate the natural world and outdoor setting!



For more ideas, chairs, and seating solutions, be sure to check out our entire lineup of hospitality products we offer at McCourt Manufacturing. 

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