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Summer weddings are fast approach and fall weddings are right around the corner. These seasons bring about a lot of events. McCourt Manufacturing can help you supply your venue with a wide variety of tables and chairs for all your clients’ needs from folding chairs to Chiavari to farmhouse-style. In addition to offering your clients with a great selection of tables and chairs, they are also looking to you for advice and your expertise. It is not uncommon for brides and event hosts to get overwhelmed and “lost in the weeds” and overthink every decision. It is best to guide them to focus on the key details having the greatest impact on the event. The rest will fall into place.

Of course, they need to have a general idea of colors and the overall vibe they want the event to have. Once that is decided they can hone in on just a few details to take their event to the next level.

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Something that is often overlooked is offering signage letting guests know where things like the restroom are, signage in the buffet line letting guests know what is being served. Signage on the food not only looks nice, it important for guests with food allergies. Signage helps make your guests feel welcomed and engaged in the event.

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This next detail is especially important for weddings because couples will most likely be taking photographs right after the wedding. Making guests wait for food and drinks sets a bad tone for the entire night. Food selections can be as simple as a nice cheese and cracker set-up, antipasti platters or having the first course waiting for guests on the dinner tables when they arrive. This also encourages guests to take their seats for when the festivities begin.

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Last, but not least, make sure to have enough seating for your guests. There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at an event to have dinner and there not being enough seating. Work with your clients to help them determine the correct amount of seating. McCourt recommends having a few extra seats available just in case of a miscount.

McCourt Manufacturing is here for all your table and chair needs. Just like attention to detail is important to a successful event, McCourt’s attention to detail to products lines and clients is important to being the leader in this industry. Contact McCourt today to set up a consultation to see how details make the difference. 

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