It’s that time of year again when people start having their weddings outdoors. There is nothing better than the sun shining down on the loving couple, the sound of birds chirping above and the butterflies fluttering around to heighten the feeling of love. What would that image be without the newlywed couple dancing afterwards under the open sky?

Extensive planning goes into having an outdoor wedding. When using an indoor venue, a lot of the furnishings may already be supplied so all one needs to worry about are the normal wedding plans. Outdoors tents are needed in case of rain as well as seating for the guests both during the wedding and at the tables for the reception.

A lot of people tend to overlook the importance of a dance floor even though the first dance is one of the more important of the traditions in American and European weddings, although it wasn’t as important then as it is now. Originally, the newlyweds joined the dancing guests that were already dancing on the dance floor to start the celebrations.

ovation dance floor

In 1922 Emily Post recommended in her guide, Ettiquette, that the newlyweds not join dancing until the other guests had begun and then to dance with each other first before moving on to other guests. There was no performance or special attention given to the newlyweds first dance like we do today. As the first dance progressed over time, the newlyweds started making grand entrances with a choreographed dance, usually ballroom in style, putting much more significance on the first dance than there ever had been.

However, in recent years, ballroom has not only fallen out of vogue, but the skills needed to perform the dance are no longer common in society. Newlyweds either slow dance or learn a “first dance” offered by many dance studios and choreographers. A new trend since the advent of the internet and viral videos is for the entire wedding party to entertain wedding guests with an elaborate dance routine, usually done by surprise.

With that being said one wouldn’t want the surprise of a guest twisting their ankle in the grass or a well rehearsed dance routine to falter on a stone. Just imagine that getting posted for all of the internet to see! So don’t let your customer forget to get that dance floor when planning their outdoor wedding so all of their guests will remember the special day and the special dance as fondly as possible.

ovation dance floor

Offer McCourt’s Ovation™ portable indoor/outdoor flooring for your customer's wedding or event. We have a great selection of sizes to choose from and the floors lock together with a fast and easy assembly. The tops are made of premium luxury vinyl that is maintenance free and easy to clean. We currently carry Windsor oak and light oak, but can provide other colors upon request. The back is coated with Gatorback™ coating which protects from outdoor elements and stops slippage.

As always, when your customer is planning a  wedding or event, McCourt’s products are always the best choice for high quality event furnishings.

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