I love Italy. In fact, I am in Italy right now! This is my fourth time now, and everyone time I fall more in love with Italy than ever before. It is a fantastic country with incredible people, food, culture, art, and so much more. If you ever get the chance to visit Italy, please do it! Definitely come to the big cities like Rome and Florence, but do not be afraid to explore the smaller towns and get that true cultural experience!

Everyone deserves a little Italy in their life. So, why not throw one awesome Italian dinner party to really get into the Italian spirit? Cue the Italian love songs.

You might be thinking, how do I make an Italian dinner party something sophisticated and suitable for a company event or something bigger like a charity event? Well, it goes back to how you set up the party. Tables, chairs, and you know, the whole works!

In terms of decorations, you can really get into it and make your venue look like an old-school Italian restaurant. Obviously, you must have Italian music playing in the background, but you also need those great red and white checkered tablecloths! I think going for big family-style dishes is definitely a way to please larger groups of people without feeling super overwhelmed.

Since we are going old-school-Italian-nonna-cooking style then we need big tables. Especially with large events, you’ll want to use your space efficiently and create a good atmosphere.

Use the McCourt Manufacturing Commercialite Table or the Laminate Table to get that really long, expansive table meant for feeding tons of people. This gives that old-school vibe without breaking the bank.

These tables invite conversation with table mates and make food accessible for all guests, which is a great way to really get people mingling. I think any event like this needs to be personal, intimate touch like this to really be successful.

If you’re doing a charity event, definitely just charge a $20 ticket or so forth to come into the venue or whatever price fits your needs.

Look for McCourt Manufacturing chairs as well if those also fit your needs. We have tons for every Italian restaurant vibe you could possibly want.


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