With summer truly in full swing and June being the month to party, there is not a better time to talk about the Chillin’ products.

McCourt Manufacturing is thrilled to be able to offer our customers such a fantastic line of products for personal and company events that are innovative, practical, and multifaceted. This small line of products packs a big punch, especially for outdoor events, summer bashes, weddings, and corporate shindigs no matter how big or small.



The Fill N Chill table is one to absolutely not miss on your list of event supplies “must-haves”. The table itself is pretty simple but is so stunningly practical and innovative it is simply genius. Think about an ice chest and a regular folding table. Once you have those images present in your mind, combine them! Yes, seriously.

The table is an ice chest table that is easy to move, clean, and use. Without the hassle of a constantly falling or broken ice chest lid, this is completely open like a table. However, it is deep enough for a sufficient amount of ice to keep drinks perfectly chilled.

This table is made with durable and high-quality materials that rival other competitors and are made to last without compromising quality or price.

If you prefer something slightly smaller, then go for the little sibling, called the Little Chiller, of this incredible Chillin’ product line. Same great quality and design, just a slightly smaller version.



Think about buying these Chillin’ products for your summer events, and I can guarantee that your parties and events will be smash hits with these fantastic tables.



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