I love the Chiavari Chair. It is a classic choice for most events after all. We talk about the chair a lot, and we do so for good reason! Additionally, we have talked about their add-on cushions that can be purchased separately.

The Chiavari Cushions are fantastic for adding comfort to your chairs, and they are made for elevating your events, especially those dinner banquets and wedding receptions.

However, have you ever thought about how else you can put these amazing cushions to work?

If you answered no there is no need to worry or apologize. Why? Well, I am going to tell you how to use these cushions for other types of events and how to get all your money’s worth out of these guys.

I love a picnic. I love a backyard social, outdoor dinner, and everything in between. There is something about a lovely summer night with the bistro lights strung, drinks open, friends and family about, and a casual dinner. I love it.

Courtesy of Pinterest

For a true picnic-type dinner, I think there is no need for a table or chairs. You know what I mean? Yes, of course, you do!

So, that being said, let us use the Chiavari Cushions as our sole seating option for this outdoor picnic party! The ground can get quite uncomfortable after awhile, so improve comfort and aesthetic by using these as floor cushions!

Set up your space with the Chiavari Cushions like this!

With a sheet or picnic blanket on the ground, these cushions around the base, and then a small pallet or table to set up the food and you’ve got it!

With three classic color options—black, white, and ivory—you can be sure your cushions go with whatever color palette your party is to be.

The world is your oyster, and it is important to realize just how multifaceted McCourt Manufacturing products can be and prove to be! Make the best out of your buck, and get creative. Also, just enjoy these lovely summer nights with great company and great food. It is easy to have a great time.


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