We know the winter blues, but no one talks about the summer blues! Maybe I made that term up, but I think it is a real thing. It is the same as when we constantly complain about the cold in the winter, we feel sad because the weather is bad, and all those things. However, once we get that first taste of heat and sunshine, all is well again. Well, at least for a little while. Summer blues are when it is simply too hot to exist outside or anywhere without adequate air conditioning and all you can wish for are cooler days!

So, how do we solve this? Um, you host a garden party of course.

There are few things in this world I enjoy more than a garden party. True story. They are relaxed, fun, beautiful, and just the best parties to plan.

Courtesy of Heather Taylor Home

I like the low-maintenance aspect of them. Really all you have to do is set up a table with chairs, make some snacks, and bring the alcohol. Oh, and do not forget the music! People love to be outside, and I am telling you, an outdoor party with food and drinks, surrounded by flowers and people they love… yeah, they will be happy.

The perfect addition to a garden party is making sure you have the perfect chairs. McCourt Manufacturing has the most incredible set of Garden Resin Folding Chairs made for your small (or large!) garden parties. What could be cuter than these?

Courtesy of Heather Taylor Home

Along with a long table or two that have some fresh, crisp linens atop them and tons of flowers on the table, you’re golden. Again, keep it simple. Make the company of the people you invite the focus of this. Get rid of the summer blues and take in the lovely chill of the summer’s evening air. Host a garden party. It will make things 100x better.

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