For my day job, I work in a natural history museum. Not that you asked to know or anything, but I promise this is relevant. At the museum where I work, we host a ton of large events for colleges, private parties, weddings, memorials, and everything in between. The museum has lots of great spaces for rent, and it is a great way to get people into the museum even in an unconventional way.


With that being said, you might assume that because of all these events, there are a ton of tables and chairs moving around and all that great jazz. We have an entire events room that operates as our storage closet for all of our event things like tables and chairs.


We recently improved our storage closet organization though. Now what could that be? Well, it was none other than the EvenTrux™ Table Trucks.



The event coordinator at the museum was just beyond thrilled to order these because trust me, anything you can get to make moving tables and chairs easier is a gift from above. Not only was our storage closet a mess without them, it made the event set-up take so much longer.


The day she received the EvenTrux™ Table Trucks, we knew that our event setup struggles were over!


These table trucks are fantastic for several reasons. They keep everything extremely organized, tables and chairs fit perfectly on them, and the wheels are so smooth that it allows them to glide effortlessly for your event setup.



When we set up events and do tear down, we know we are no longer having to struggle to put everything back together like a game of Tetris. It allows us to be extremely efficient, put together, and better event hosters! We can offer a much higher quality of service to our clients because we have the table trucks to back us up.


If you have been on the fence about getting these table trucks for your business, do not be! These will change the way you do events forever.

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