Precision construction combines beautiful vinyl flooring with the easy Cam-Lock system for a luxurious, durable and safe indoor/outdoor portable dance floor.

The OvationTM portable dance floor features GatorBackTM for worry-free indoor and outdoor use. Panel backs are spray sealed with our exclusive backing adding two enhancements:  excellent traction to guard against panel slippage and moisture resistance for protection against outdoor elements.

The OvationTM dance floor also offers virtually unlimited color options as well as our “In-Stock” options: Windsor Oak, Light Oak, Black and White.

The OvationTM Portable Dance Floor Transport Truck holds 24 3’x3’ panels and perimeter trim.

Made in the USA -


Precisely squared 3’x3’ panels feature tongue and groove panel trim imbedded into the 3/4” solid plywood core. Panel trim is precision formed anodized extruded aluminum. Maintenance free and easy to clean premium luxury vinyl is bonded to core with environmentally compatible commercial grade adhesive. Panel backs are spray sealed with GatorBackTM coating providing traction and moisture resistance for protection against slippage and outdoor elements.

All panels are exactly the same and interchangeable for fast, easy floor assembly.

Perimeter Trim

Anodized extruded aluminum precision formed to fit Panel trim. The 4.25” wide perimeter is ribbed and features an 11° slope allowing safe and easy access to floor surface.


Constructed into each tongue panel and perimeter trim are Cam-Locks. The provided T-handle hex key wrench is used to lock and unlock the panels and perimeter trim for maximum safety.

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