The elements unleashed upon tables and chairs can fade and weaken products. Many pieces of furniture transform into trash after only a few seasons of use. When investing in product, customers often need their furniture to meet a budget, look good, and last.  McCourt, through their use of lean manufacturing, recognizes this need, and seeks to fill it with careful design. Our products are designed specifically for indoor and outdoor events -- our tables and chairs stand solidly against the weather; our designs fit function and practicality because we use polyethylene plastic and a specially formed blow mold to prevent damage from the sun and the outdoors.

Sun Damage

McCourt tables and chairs are UV inhibited for outdoor use. Over time, UV rays react with the makeup of plastic tables and chairs, causing the breakdown of the product. McCourt tables and chairs have a special polyethylene top. Polyethylene is durable and chemical resistant. The polyethylene top protects each product from damage caused by heat and sunlight.

Outdoor Effects

Each table and chair manufactured for indoor/outdoor use by McCourt is hermetically sealed against biological contamination and meets BIFMA standards. The debris from nature’s surroundings can leave an impact, but the blow mold design of our tables resists denting from any possible damage due to weather, and the polyethylene plastic top is stain and heat resistant for a lasting, durable product. 

McCourt’s standard is difficult to match: affordable options; varying styles and colors; product longevity. We keep up with the latest trends, but also the latest advances in order to meet the demands of the manufacturing industry and the needs of our customers: easy to transport, easy to store, lightweight for setup,and durable. If you look through our many options, you’ll find that when it comes to both indoor and outdoor use, we have it all covered.

Questions? Take a look at our products online, in our catalog, and contact us at 479-783-2593 or 800-333-2687.

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