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Gearing up to plan the party event of the season? Set to impress with a company soirée? Frantically organizing the latest school function?

Whatever your event plans, you’re sure to have it all figured out. You even have the vague idea that you’ll need the appropriate amount of chairs and tables (and a dance floor if your guests are feeling particularly groovy) as the obvious foundation for all your meticulously laid plans.

And then, when Googling what kind of chairs and tables are needed—undoubtedly expecting this to be the least of your concerns—you get something like this:


And you realize there’s an actual system of table and seating arrangements that you know nothing about.

Well, first of all, don’t panic. There is a method to this madness and here at McCourt Manufacturing, we have the answers.


First things first: choosing the right table size and shape. McCourt Manufacturing offers a variety of table optionsthat are sure to be just what you need! While the most commonly used table is the 60 inch round, table size largely depends on your layout plan. For example, a moderately sized venue can hold multiple round or square tables, while only holding a couple larger rectangle or conference tables.


Once you’ve figured out dimensions and layout make sure to factor in maximizing space! Think strategically. Whether you’re planning for a bombastic bash or for a professional convention, the most important objective to keep in mind is creating a comfortable and spacious atmosphere. 


Chairs and tables are essential to any good event! When choosing the furniture that meets your event ideal it’s always important to keep a goal in mind. While you’re quietly panicking about just what chair design goes with what table shape, stop and ask yourself: what kind of impression are you trying to give?


Whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday, business meeting, school function or sundry other get-togethers, it’s essential that you keep the focus of your event as the central point of your choices. This ultimately makes for a smoother process in the planning stages, freeing up more time in your busy schedule!

McCourt Manufacturing provides a lineup of quality seating selections, from casual folding chairs to classy traditional chairs that are specially manufactured to stack for easy transportation!

When mixing and matching tables to chairs, focus on the colors and designs that fit your original concept.



When gearing up for an event, make your first call McCourt Manufacturing and breathe a little easier. We not only offer affordable, high quality products in a variety of styles, we also provide dependable service with a company you can trust.

McCourt Manufacturing has been in this business for more than 30 years. We have the experience and commitment you need to make the most of any event. Give us a call at 479-783-2593 and don’t hesitate to contact us with any product or service questions!

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