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It’s that time of year again, and people are gearing up for the holidays. Although, sometimes that doesn’t stop at just wrapping presents and snagging the last Christmas ham. When it comes to planning a holiday office party, getting prepared becomes a whole different ballgame. But don’t worry! McCourt Manufacturing is your one-stop-shop for all your party hosting needs.

There are some essential things that every holiday office party needs in order to be a success.

1.      Tables

First things first: you have to have a solid foundation to build the perfect party. Providing durable folding tables that are easy to maneuver can be make or break your party. After all, they are essential for the main event of any great holiday party – the food. Gathering around a table to eat and drink and laugh is a much-loved classic of any holiday celebration.

McCourt Manufacturing offers folding tables in all shapes and sizes, built with longevity in mind. In fact, our Commercialite Folding Table is made from an extremely tough plastic polymer that is super lightweight and nevertheless holds up under 3,500 pounds of pressure. It’s a perfect addition to any celebration, especially for annual events with its full ten-year warranty attached.

2.      Seating

Chances are, your guests will be sitting down at least half the time of any given holiday party. Our line of Hospitality Chairs is just the thing for any trendy holiday party. McCourt hospitality chairs are designed to be functional and eye-catching; like our iridescent metallic chairsLadderback barstools, and even our rustic metal chairs. Every chair comes in a variety of customizable colors and finishes.

Check out our amazing Chiavari Illusion chair. Perfect for a Winter Wonderland theme!

Seating for guests should always be stylish and never be crowded. Remember to account for elbow room when planning how many guests should seat one table. Read our latest Table Arrangements and Seating FAQ’s blog for help determining just how many people will fit around a specific table.

3. Refreshments

One thing that’s pretty universal around the holidays is the abundance of great food. No party is complete until your guests have been appropriately stuffed with savory food and delicious holiday-themed desserts. Many people decide to cater, while others host a bit of a potluck where everyone brings a dish.

There are so many ways you could serve up some of this aforementioned great food, but we recently acquired a latest addition to the McCourt Manufacturing family that will help you serve your food up the right way! Make sure to check out our latest addition, Chillin' Products. Your new go-to for buffet dinners, events and parties!


Check out more holiday office party ideas in the upcoming 5 Essential Things Every Holiday Party Needs – Part II!

Be prepared this holiday season! Browse our catalog for more of our exclusive offers. Call McCourt Manufacturing today at 479-783-2593 or 800-333-2687 and learn more about our products and special customizations.

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