ClearVue Sneeze Guard



The ClearVue Guard meets ANSI/NSF 2008 with addition of optional end panels.

The ClearVue Guard offers a 13″wrist clearance and is designed to fit standard sized banquet tables.

The ClearVue Guard is available in our standard lengths from 2 ft. through 6 ft.

The ClearVue Guard is only available in White with Black Vein.

*Sneeze guards are required for food on display to be protected from contamination*

The ClearVue Guard was designed with the following principles to allow for better presentation and ease of use:

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Frameless for a more streamlined look
  • Folding for ease of storage and transport

White with Black Vein powder coat

white with Black Vein powder coat



ClearVue Guard Spec
White w/black vein Nominal Length Overall Length Between Stands Weight
1520 2 foot* 24″ 17.75″ 8 lbs
1530 3 foot* 36″ 29.75″ 9 lbs
1540 4 foot 48″ 41.75″ 10 lbs
1550 5 foot 60″ 53.75″ 13 lbs
1560 6 foot 72″ 65.75″ 14 lbs

*One leg does not lock in a closed position due to the guards short length.

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